Recap of Reject.JS 2011

Reject.JS 2011 was so awesome

We even had our own song

On September 29th 2011 Berlin.JS held the very first Reject.JS conference. We had ten great speakers with their respective talks, about 100 attendees, some very supportive sponsors and lots lots lots of fun. And even though this was our first event of this scale everything went pretty well.

Besides giving a great talk, Paul Campbell composed and performed his marvellous song »We are the Rejects« and created one of many highlights of the very first Reject.JS conference. You should definitely have a look…

10 awesome talks

Our speakers from 2011

Michael Aufreiter

Data.js - Data Manipulation and Graph Persistence for Node.js and the Browser

Tiffany Conroy

Building a minimal form validation library using the HTML5 form validation API

5 generous sponsors

A huge thank you to our supporters